Terrifying Infographic Showing How Quickly A Hot Car Can Become Deadly For Dogs

It’s hard to believe dogs are still being left in hot cars!

Unfortunately, dogs being left in hot cars is still a serious issue that animal welfare charities are working hard to stamp out.
PetBoardings.com cares about animal welfare. A lot.
So we’re sharing this infographic that shows why leaving your dog in a hot car is so dangerous.

The horrifying facts include the potentially fatal effects of doggy heatstroke, and clearly shows a car can become very hot, very quickly, even in relatively mild weather. Incredibly, a car acts a like a microwave – over a short time, the car multiplies the outdoor temperature to dangerous levels.

Have you ever tried sitting in a car with the air conditioning off on a warm day? It get’s unbareable very quickly… imageine how a dog feels!

Please help us to to stop dogs from being left in hot cars.
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Dogs in hot cars Infographic